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Gendus Dental Partners

We handle the business responsibilities so you can focus on your dentistry.

  • Make Your Own Decisions

  • Focus on Your Growth

  • Plan Your Future

Gendus Dental Partners is a comprehensive dental practice management company providing the highest quality non-clinical, partnership-styled support to practices.

By providing dentists with both the support and the clinical autonomy they need to succeed, Gendus enables its partners to focus their attention on providing the best dental health services possible, and enhance the quality of the life of dentists and staff.


Stories from Gendus Partners

Dr. K wanted to retire from his practice of 40 year, sell out and walk away. Dr. P had recently sold her 30 year old practice and moved “to the beach” to retire, but she missed the action. Gendus was able to place a mature partner in a thriving practice and allow the selling doctor to retire and leave on his own terms. A year later the practice had doubled revenues and was able to retain the team and increase their income and benefits as well.

Dr. K, Alabama Gulf Coast

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